BEAUTY and ARCHITECTURE – a troubled relationship

Between architecture and beauty.Form and Context. Architects and Reporters.

With world wide experience as an architect, designer, author and scientist Yale Reisner gave a lecture about her book “Architecture and Beauty – A troubled relationship”. By quoting and referring to a number of famous architects she highlights for example the meaning of a subjective view in a design project. The architects role is threatened by dissolving into all other actors in the building process. Can one of the reasons be the absence of celebrating and underlining beauty?

Beauty has in history been represented in both Art Nouveau and Modernism. The actual definition of beauty is subjective and Yael Reisner is focusing on the relationships rather than the beauty. Being a student I feel troubled by the thought of beauty being a notion of taboo amongst architects. I was expecting a more romantic collection of individuals forming my future work environment in the office.

In the lecture, the relation between content and form was illustrated by Saha Hadids comments about people “not understanding her drawings of a project”. When showing photos of the actual buildings and viewers still not understanding, that confirms the drawings to be correct. As a result the viewers hopefully had a great experience playing with their mind.

Speaking with my fellow students we lifted the importance of believing in our feeling of beauty during the design process. Combined with the fact of accepting – even aiming at- a built environment that allows various personal expressions of beauty. Is it not as simple as that?


About mia

At the moment I´m working in the painting studio. Some of the work is published. Are you interested to see more, please contact me. Color is my passion. Swimrun is my hobby. Or being by the sea. In the wind. As well as fooling around with friends. Love all the inspiration from you wonderful people around me!
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