talking SECTION and PLAN

Happening at this moment in the studio; Presentations of the student´s project. Task is Woven Cavities – a train station under ground in Gothenburg. Critics are Gert Wingårdh, Morten Lund, Jonas Carlson, Fredrik Olson and Claes Johansson.

As becoming architects we must master the art of communicating by plans and sections. Fore the presentations we were given instructions to collect as much information as possible in the sections as a challenge wich I think is sucessful for example in the project Underground Umbrella Station by Martina. The proposal suggests a system of poles that looks ordinary from a distance, and when a person walks by it spreads out as an unbrella giving a temporary shelter and place for several functions.

I could write a LONG list of inspirational projects from today´s presentation. Spaces allowing curious investigations of the meeting between a mountain and connection to the river such as in the projects of Calle and Robbert. At the supposed site in Haga we were given some wonderful poetry in shapes of train stations.  Breathtaking high rise buildings as extensions of underground stations.

Our critics gave tuff, relevant and constructive critique.

(Yet you critics are more than welcome to the studio party tonight!)



About mia

At the moment I´m working in the painting studio. Some of the work is published. Are you interested to see more, please contact me. Color is my passion. Swimrun is my hobby. Or being by the sea. In the wind. As well as fooling around with friends. Love all the inspiration from you wonderful people around me!
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