With the diploma in your hand – Are you a SCIENTIST or a DESIGNER?

A bunch of fresh architects have just left Chalmers School of Architecture. Three days of final presentations. Four sensors have seen the presentations and just finished a discussion with the fresh architects and representatives from the Depatrment of Architecture at Chalmers, Michael Edén (head of department) and Saddek Rehal.


Maria Voytzaki (Thessaloniki, Greece), one of the sensors, have 20 years of experience from have, since 15 years, been involved with the politics of architectural education in the EU. She suggests the Master Thesis to be divided in two; one semester for an theoretical analysis and a second semester for a design project. This model corresponds with the EU´s  guiding principals of architectural training that the number one purpose for a fresh architect should be the ability to DESIGN. Creativity scribes to innovation and Maria Voytzaki ´s invitation to young architects is: “Get out there”.

It is said before and will be said again, that the examination is just the start of a 50 year long education as an architect in real life.” Here at Chalmers approximately 50% of the master thesis are design projects. While Maria Voytzaki demands a MERGE of theory and practise in the European schools of Architecture, Pieter Versteegh (Fribourg, Switzerland) asserts the final thesis to result as either a practical or theoretical project. He describes their form of the master program in Fribourgh as a process over three semesters. Weather theoretical or not, he argues that the important issues are those that allows and boosts the INDIVIDUAL talent of each student. His verdict about Chalmers is that the students seem to express their ethical position and stresses the importance of CARE and responsibility that comes with the architect´s role.

Marianne Skjulhaug (headmistress at Bergen School of Architecture, Norway), shares the opinion that the thesis should not have to result in a design. She encourages to listen to your intuition in these times of complexity and contradictions. During these days at Chalmers she feels that the students present their projects with a confident and conscious appearance wich makes it easy to meet them as a teacher.

Speaking of the contemporary time as a time of renaissance and new URBANISM, Jörgen Hauberg (Head of Institute of the School of Architecture, Copenhagen) predicts a change of the architect´s role. Still he reminds us about the architect holding all responsibility of beauty in the buildingprocess. Jörgen Haugberg blows the trumpet for the academic methods in the work of students at Chalmers though he inquires the young architects to be more PASSIONATE about their work.


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At the moment I´m working in the painting studio. Some of the work is published. Are you interested to see more, please contact me. Color is my passion. Swimrun is my hobby. Or being by the sea. In the wind. As well as fooling around with friends. Love all the inspiration from you wonderful people around me!
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