If it wasn´t for the fact that Alex Tarragüel Rubio allready has been working on this scenography for one year, one would suspect that he secretly participated in our experiments in our MSS studio last semester. Guided by, among others, Peter Christensson, artist and teacher at Chalmers, the students created some amazing performances with inflatable plastic elements;


Thanks to an initiative from the City Theater in Göteborg, Sweden, a group of design students are sort of following the work with the scenography of Ibsen´s Peer Gynt this spring. Tonight at the final rehearsal we witnessed some astonishing beautiful installations by Alex Tarragüel Rubio. I found the performance a visual experience far outside my imagination! For this alone I recommend the play. Still not sure if the scenography is a masterpiece or if I´m blinded by beauty…


About mia

At the moment I´m working in the painting studio. Some of the work is published. Are you interested to see more, please contact me. Color is my passion. Swimrun is my hobby. Or being by the sea. In the wind. As well as fooling around with friends. Love all the inspiration from you wonderful people around me!
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