Sound of architecture?

Exploring of sound and acoustics of city space.

Tactile model of the sound-experience during a walk along the river. To be “read” with eyes closed.

Recordings of sounds, decibel and sketches along different routs in the city. First task was to illustrate the sound walk. 

One out of many ways of mapping; a Large drawing of sound walk from suburban area, through forest, into Änggården district of Göteborg city.

Second task to re-design the sound:

The sound of the drawing above turned out as a design of a noise barrier where the noise is used to create sequences of an adventure in different spaces for pedestrians along a busy road.  Spaces for Bending the sound. Erasing sound. Boosting it. Masking sound.

One group presented a live sound installation; different recordings of water was transported and amplified acousticly by plastic pipes and funnels. The funnels were presented randomly on a screen of 4 x 2 meter.

I was inspired by the sensibility of the installation. With that model being a piece of art itself, it was hard to live up to the same standard in the final design. The “Waves of Awesomeness” Still, really, the idea is…. AWESOME

About TRANSPORTING sound. Pleasant sound of water transported to places in the city. A juxtaposition.

One soundwalk took place along the river. As well as in all cityscapes, the noise was present. Enjoy the walk, close your eyes and imagine..

Special thanks to our guest critics Dr. Christoph Weisser, Zürcher Hochschule, Architektur, Gestaltung und Bauingenieurwesen and Marc Loeliger, Architekt dipl. Loeliger Strub Architektur GmbH, Zürich


About mia

At the moment I´m working in the painting studio. Some of the work is published. Are you interested to see more, please contact me. Color is my passion. Swimrun is my hobby. Or being by the sea. In the wind. As well as fooling around with friends. Love all the inspiration from you wonderful people around me!
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