This is the blog for the Matter Space Structure Studio at Chalmers Technical University in Gothenburg, Sweden. Follow along to stay up to date with the cutting edge research and design being undertaken by the youthful and innovative students. The studio is currently investigating numerous proposals for transportation junctions in the city of Gothenburg. One of the focuses of the project is to continually develop and criticize new and old ideas in an effort to contribute to an efficient and positive future for our city and our selves. Through working with transportation issues, we encounter many serious questions which address the city as a whole, its role in the greater region, and the daily lives of many of the inhabitants. The hands-on approach in the studio allows us to not only address these issues, but also to propose viable solutions informed by intrinsic qualities of material, proportion, beauty and architectural systems.

The atmosphere in the studio is positive and open, thus the goal of this blog is to provide a platform for all of the participants of the studio to display not only the final images of our extensive work, but also to publish and engage in an ongoing conversation about the issues we face as architects and citizens in contemporary society.


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